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Call Just In Time, Every Time

Septic Pumping and Septic Tank repairs are our specialty

A septic tank should be pumped every 2-5 years, depending on total usage, number of occupants living in the home and size of septic tank. If you smell sewage or your toilet isn’t flushing well, it may be time to have the tank pumped, or in some cases, a more serious problem may have developed. At Just in Time Sanitation we have the expertise to properly assess the situation. We will replace broken lids on tanks, fix pipes going from your house to your septic tank and we also snake lines.

We offer camera service to locate the problem quickly and easily. We also do riser installations, which provide easier access to your septic tank.

We are the experts in maintaining your holding tanks

Holding tanks have pipes sticking out of the ground, making them quite obvious and easy to locate. They are generally maintenance free, and there are several different sizes of holding tanks available. Holding tanks require pumping somewhere between 6-12 weeks, depending on the usage.

We also pump parking lot catch basins and offer food waste removal.

We Also Do Riser Installations!

We come to you!

The added convenience of a service to purge your RV holding tanks could make your travels less stressful. We pump all sizes of RVs, with prices varying depending on the size of the tank.

If you have any questions on your RV sewage tank or having it pumped call Just in Time today.

Portable Toilet Rentals

Proudly servicing Northumberland County and surrounding areas with the highest quality, superior clean portable toilets. We even offer flushable units!

We offer White Wedding units, as well as units for special events. We have outdoor stand-alone sinks for large parties and functions. Ask us about construction and special needs units, we have insulated jackets for job sites during the winter months.

We Also Do:
Riser Installations

septic tanks

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Washroom Trailers Available Upon Request

Many size options available. Fresh water, sewage removal and toiletries provided. We also provide servicing of your own or rented washroom trailers.

Weekend and monthly rentals available at great prices!

As a family-owned and operated business, Just In Time Sanitation takes pride in their work, going the extra mile to accommodate all of your requirements. Just In Time Sanitation prides itself on doing a job well and doing it right. That’s why ALL waste is taken to a credited sewage waste treatment plant.

Toilet Trailers, Toilet Rental

We are your local professionals who specialize in these services:

Septic Smart FAQ

What is a septic system?

If you live in a rural area or a small community or if you have a cottage, chances are you have a septic system or holding tank. Septic systems are onsite treatment units used in place of municipal sewers in rural areas. Anything that goes down the drain – every shower drip – every toilet flush – flows to the septic system. Septic systems are comprised of a tank, a network of pipes and billions of organisms that process your waste.

How Does It Work?

The most common septic system consists of a septic tank and leaching bed – all of which is hidden under the soil of your yard.

All household wastewater exits your home through an underground pipe that leads to the buried septic tank. The waste flows to the first compartment of the tank where the heavy solids settle and the lighter materials (fats, oils, grease) float to the top and develop into scum. Baffles and screens keep this scum layer from escaping the tank and flowing to the leaching bed. This scum is removed when the tank is pumped during REGULAR maintenance.

In the second compartment of the tank, finer particles settle to the bottom. Organic materials break down in the tank. On newer systems, any remaining organic material is trapped and decomposes on a screen called the effluent filter located at the outlet of the tank. As of January 2007, effluent filters became mandatory on all installations and upgrades in Ontario.

From the tank, the effluent filter moves to a leaching bed made up of a network of perforated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) drain pipes. Stone and a layer of unsaturated soil or sand surround these pipes. The effluent flows to the leaching bed either by gravity or by pump depending on the site conditions. The leaching beds PVC drainpipes allow the effluent to seep into the ground where bacteria and other organisms process the wastewater further.

In Ontario, Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code governs nearly all rural septic systems. If you are installing, repairing, upgrading or replacing such system, you must contact your local municipality for the necessary permits and inspections.

Septic Tanks Info

Your Septic System

Every septic system can look very different from site to site as the specific design is based on flow volumes from the house, space available in the yard, soil material and depth to bedrock or other issues relating to the property, such as proximity to surface water or underground water.
Septic Trucks

What Could Be Hiding Underground?

You could have some very old technology working for you. In the past, steel tanks, cinderblock tanks or poured-in-place concrete tanks were used. Septic system technology is constantly changing and improving. Today, septic tank are either pre-fabricated concrete or plastic.

Since the mid 1970s, septic tanks are required to have two compartments. Old tanks may only have one compartment. Today’s pipes used in leaching beds are plastic, but in the past clay tiles, asbestos pipes and non-corrode pipes were used. Today’s spacing for leaching bed pipes is 1.6 meters but you may find only 0.9 meter spacing with older style pipes.

Septic System and Your Health

There are many contaminants in wastewater that can affect your health and the environment. They include bacteria, viruses, and parasites. If contaminants reach your drinking water supply, they can cause disease or other health problems as well as environmental problems. A proper functioning septic system will remove most contaminants to acceptable levels. To reduce the risk to nearby ground or surface water supplies, the location of your septic system is CRUCIAL.

There are legislated separation distances required between your septic system and your home and well, neighbouring homes and wells, and nearby bodies of water.

Why Should I Maintain My Septic System?

Did you know that septic systems are the RESPONSIBILITY of you the HOMEOWNER? It is up to you to keep your system working properly to protect your environment, your health and your investment. When properly designed, installed and maintained, a septic system should proved long term, effective treatment of your household wastewater. If you take good care of your system, you will save yourself time, money and the worries involved with replacing a failed system. Below are some very valuable tips to ensure the longevity of your system.





Anyone in the business of pumping and cleaning septic systems must be licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

What Happens When There Is A Problem?

Septic systems have an approximate life span of between 15-40 years. To maximize the life span of your septic tank, follow the do’s and don’t list. A malfunctioning septic system is easy to see… and smell. If you suspect you have a problem with your septic system it is important to deal with it immediately, the tank may just need a regular cleaning.

If there is a problem with the leaching bed, septic professionals will provide you with the support and the tools to have it looked after.

If you have a malfunctioning septic system, you may just need some simple repairs. Repairs to septic systems include replacing some lines, installing a new baffle, cleaning effluent filter, or needing a new leaching system.

Just in Time Sanitation is a licensed septic company, family-owned and operated. We will provide professional and expert service to help with any of your septic needs.


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